Integrate with Whistle

Ready to use Whistle, but need some custom integrations? We’re here to help! You can of course use our Payments API for your custom app, but sometimes you need an additional integration with your HRIS or you’d like your users to SSO into the platform.

Custom Integrations

Need us to talk to your proprietary system?

In most cases, custom integrations with 3rd party platforms can be designed and built upon request. Talk to our team for information on pricing and timeline.

Bulk functions built in

Not everything needs a custom integration

Whistle offers built in tools for bulk pay and bulk user creation. Export from your HRIS or custom Excel workbook to send mass payments to your people.

  • Export users from 3rd party software

  • Download our CSV template

  • Copy required columns into the template

  • Upload to our bulk payment or onboarding tool

Paying users from a CSV export is easy

Our downloadable CSV templates help you create your list. Often times, the list can begin as an export from your existing 3rd party software, and modified so the columns match up with our templates. If you’re unsure, a CSM can help you through the process and often times it’s possible to make a workbook that automates most of the job.