Our Scientific and Technical Advisors

Whistle collaborates with an independent panel of distinguished professionals in the fields of behavioral science, data science, healthcare, leadership, and human performance. The primary role of these advisors is to provide counsel to Whistle on product design and industry trends and to provide feedback based on their years of experience.


Joyce Batcheller, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL, FAAN

Joyce Batcheller is an innovative healthcare leader with a career spanning over 40 years has developed a reputation for transforming nursing organizations, healthcare and nursing leadership, alongside the improvement of patient outcomes.  Joyce is a Fellow with the American Academy of Nursing, the President of the Nurses Legacy Institute and an Adjunct Professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Nursing


Marguerite Daus, Phd, RN

Marguerite Daus, PhD, RN is a health services researcher and clinical nurse dedicated to understanding how to develop a culture of social health for both patients and clinicians. Her recent research focuses on understanding how nursing workforce factors such as staffing and the work environment influence patient outcomes.

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Heather Gilmartin

Heather Gilmartin, PhD, NP

Heather Gilmartin, PhD, NP is an academic, a health services researcher, and thought leader who created the Relational Playbook for Healthcare Teams after three decades as a front-line nurse, family nurse practitioner and clinical leader in hospitals across the United States. Dr. Gilmartin’s groundbreaking research helps clinical managers maximize their performance while cultivating environments supportive of learning and high reliability.

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Donald McNees

Donald W. McNees

Donald McNees is broad-based healthcare executive with over thirty years of experience leading senior management teams within the healthcare industry to discover and capture sustainable strategic and competitive advantage.  Donald is currently the President of Claymore Consulting and Chairman of BenMedica.


Laurel Newman, Phd.

Laurel Newman is a behavioral scientist who specializes in creating interventions that help companies to improve the experiences and change the behaviors of their customers and employees. Her experience as a Psychology Professor turned Applied Behavioral Scientist for a B2B company provides her unique insight into the variety of forces that impact people’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior.