Getting started: Payments API Integration

You’re ready to start sending payments from your app. So what’s next? Get an API key to get started, and start ready up on our API docs. Integration is easy, and we can help you talk through your use case and suggest an approach.

Getting started is easy

Add our payment API to your tech stack in 5 minutes

Don’t believe us? Try sending a sandbox payment to yourself or anyone else using this single API call.

  • Request an API key

  • Review API docs

  • Test your calls

  • Fund a budget

  • Send payments!

Whistle will be your app’s simplest integration.

The Whistle API is simple and straightforward. By not overcomplicating things we allow you to get up in running in as little as a day. Most of our partners find they can integrate payments into their flow with as little as 2 or 3 API calls. Check out the docs and try it today!