Remote employees like free lunch, too.

Traditional corporate teambuilding activities rely on physical proximity. The Whistle Card shatters that requirement, letting you show your remote staff that they’re an integral part of your team’s culture.

Send a Payment

Buy lunch for your entire remote team in seconds


Don’t believe us? Try sending yourself a payment for lunch in our payments sandbox!

It takes recipients less than a minute to receive the payment and have an active virtual card to place their order online.

Buy lunch for an entire remote team.

Send a $20 provisional payment to each team member with a simple classification to spend it on food. Whistle can return unused funds at the end of the day, and provide full visibility into how the funds are used.


instant payments

real time

transparent reporting

transparent reporting


  • You, or your client funds a budget

  • Your app sends a payment

  • Your user receives a magic link to their wallet

  • They can spend it immediately, Anywhere Visa is accepted

The only thing easier than sending Whistle Payments, is receiving them.

Your recipients will receive a “magic link” that takes them directly to their wallet. No need to create an account or remember a password!

From there they can see their available funds, recent transactions, and can access their personal Visa card.

The funds are always available immediately, so they can use their card instantly online, or add it to their phone’s mobile wallet

“Our remote team feels more connected when we can easily pay for virtual lunches and happy hours.”