A complete payment stack built for developers

Send behavior-changing cash payments to anyone, anywhere, from your web or mobile app.

Add our payment API to your tech stack in 5 minutes


Don’t believe us? Try sending a payment to yourself or anyone else using this single API call.

The payments tool for everyone

You don’t have to be a developer to enjoy the powerful behavior changing features of Whistle Payments. Our streamlined Payment Wizard is designed for everyone from HR Execs to Team Leaders, while our Payment API gives ultimate horsepower and flexibility for developers and app creators to add payments to any interaction they want.

instant payments

real time

no breakage

drop-in code


  • You, or your client funds a budget

  • Your app sends a payment

  • Your user receives a magic link to their wallet

  • They can spend it immediately, Anywhere Visa is accepted

The only thing easier than sending Whistle Payments, is receiving them.

Your recipients will receive a “magic link” that takes them directly to their wallet. No need to create an account or remember a password!
From there they can see their available funds, recent transactions, and can access their personal Visa card.
The funds are always available immediately, so they can use their card instantly online, or add it to their phone’s mobile wallet