Flexible card types for every use case

Not every payment needs the same kind of payment card, that’s why Whistle gives you all the options so that you can use the payment card that’s best for you and your recipients!

engage your team

reliable network


instant payments


no breakage


Advantages of a Virtual Card

Virtual Cards can be issued instantly, and are a frictionless way to get money into the hands of your users quickly and easily. A virtual card is a digital payment card that your user can view directly from the Whistle wallet. They can copy the card number and use it online where Visa is accepted.

Physical Cards

A physical card can be requested and mailed directly to your users. This powerful option gives them the ability to take their card with them and use at physical POS as well as online. We can even add your custom brand to the card to drive brand loyalty!

  • Claim your virtual card

  • Tap Apple Pay or Google Pay from the mobile app

  • Alternatively, use your phone camera to add your card to Mobile Pay

  • Access your tokenized card from your Mobile Pay app

  • Use anywhere Mobile Pay is accepted!

Tokenizing a card for Mobile Pay

Tokenizing a card is a term that refers to securely adding the card to your mobile device for use with Apple Pay or Google Pay. This process is simple, and allows you to use your card anywhere Mobile Pay is accepted.