Strengthen company culture by demonstrating trust.

Mandatory company fun is more detrimental to company culture than simply doing nothing. Empower your team to build connections and culture at work, while they solve problems you didn’t even know existed.

Send a Payment

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Decentralize your culture with Whistle Payments

Send a small, recurring monthly payment to each team member with a simple instruction to spend it on the company in some way. Whistle can return unused funds at the end of each month, and provide full visibility into how the funds are used.

instant payments

instant payments

engage your team

engage your team

innovate culture


  • HR leader sets up a recurring culture payment

  • Employees spend on what matters to their team

  • Team feels a sense of ownership and control

  • Company culture is strengthened

    And belonging comes naturally

Democratize team spending with culture budgets

Distribute departmental funds and give each employee a budget to spend on their team. This allows more diverse ideas and activities to flourish with no additional cost. Allow team members to have autonomy for how funds are spent for wellness, philanthropy, and team-building

“Democratizing budgets for team culture has changed the way our employees engage with each other.”