We’re here to help!

Whether your use case relies on our API integration, issuing virtual cards, or just using our simple UI Payments Console, we have the people and the resources to get you started on the right foot. Check out the guides below, and as always contact us if you have any questions!

helpful woman helping you with your payments needs

What do you want to start with?

  • API Integrations
  • API Keys
  • API Documentation
  • Drop-in code

  • UI Payment Console
  • One-time payments
  • Recurring payments
  • Budget management

  • Pay anonymous users
  • Magic Links
  • Passwordless users
  • Frictionless user flow

  • Whistle Integrations
  • Custom data exports
  • HRIS sync
  • SSO

Payments API

Integrate Whistle payments and card products directly into your tech stack

  • Designed by developers, for developers
  • Easy to implement
  • Create users and pay them in a single API call
  • Well documented
  • Drop-in payments exactly where you need it, and no code overhead where you don’t
  • Incentivize the parts of your experience where engagement drops

Magic links and frictionless payments

Most people don’t want yet another account to manage. That’s why with Whistle, they won’t have to!

  • Instant payments deliver Magic Links to recipients
  • Magic Links take recipients directly to usable funds
  • No redemption hassle!
  • Whistle virtual cards can be used anywhere online in a matter of seconds
  • Cards can be added to mobile pay for in-person payments

UI Payments Console

Don’t need a full API integration? Just need powerful payments tools at your fingertips? The UI Payments Console has you covered

  • No code needed!
  • Send any payment, to anyone, instantly!
  • Payment card is reloadable, send and send again!
  • One-time ad-hoc payments
  • Recurring and scheduled payments
  • Budget management