Should bonus and incentive payments spark joy? Absolutely!

Timeliness and convenience are two key aspects that incentive payments get wrong. Supercharge the impact of your existing incentives and focus your employees on the excitement of earning the reward – not the burden of redeeming it.

Send a Payment

Send bonuses in seconds


Don’t believe us? Try sending a bonus to yourself in our payments sandbox!

See how easy it is as a recipient to access your funds from our Magic Links. Just check your email after sending!

Easy, convenient, and timely employee payments

Leverage Whistle’s mobile payment console to help managers reward employees in real-time. Utilize Whistle’s magic links to get employees to their rewards in seconds.


no breakage

instant payments

real time


  • You, or your client funds a budget

  • Your app sends a payment

  • Your user receives a magic link to their wallet

  • They can spend it immediately, Anywhere Visa is accepted

The only thing easier than sending Whistle Payments, is receiving them.

Your recipients will receive a “magic link” that takes them directly to their wallet. No need to create an account or remember a password!

From there they can see their available funds, recent transactions, and can access their personal Visa card.

The funds are always available immediately, so they can use their card instantly online, or add it to their phone’s mobile wallet

“It’s never been easier to send micro-bonuses to employees for the behaviors we want to reinforce”