An API for in-app incentives

Have you ever wanted to send your users a bonus for doing certain actions? Does engagement fall off a cliff at a certain point in your app, and you need an incentive to bridge the gap? Our payments API can be dropped in to any app with a few lines of code to facilitate incentives easily.

Rest API Cloud

One API call to send payments


Don’t believe us? Try sending an incentive payment to yourself in our payments sandbox! See first hand how easy it is to receive these payments and access funds.

A complete payment stack built for developers

Leverage Whistle’s powerful payments API to add behavior-changing payments to mobile or web app. Send an incentive exactly where and when you need it to boost app engagement.

drop-in code


instant payments


transparent reporting

transparent reporting


  • You, or your client funds a budget

  • Your app sends a payment

  • Your user receives a magic link to their wallet

  • They can spend it immediately, Anywhere Visa is accepted

The only thing easier than sending Whistle Payments, is receiving them.

Your recipients will receive a “magic link” that takes them directly to their wallet. No need to create an account or remember a password!

From there they can see their available funds, recent transactions, and can access their personal Visa card.

The funds are always available immediately, so they can use their card instantly online, or add it to their phone’s mobile wallet

“Adding payments to our app was as easy as adding a few lines of code.”