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Leverage our payments tech through APIs or easy to use web interface for dozens of different purposes and use cases.

versatile payments card for all use cases

Case Study #1

Findd App Integration

Findd, a web-based time and attendance platform, needed a way to incentivize employees to improve metrics for their clients. They integrated our API into their platform to offer instant payments and incentives for their users. This helped them offer rewards for meeting targets, showing up to work on time, and completing specific tasks. Findd also uses the API to reward prospects for coming to job interviews, to help increase the number of applicants for their clients. The API was easy for them to deploy, and gave them a lot of flexibility to reward in a way that fit with their app.

Case Study #2

Mauhaus Employee Perks

Mauhaus Cafe wanted to offer better employee perks in a challenging job market. They realized that they could use our product to instantly send bonus payments, incentives, wellness credits, and more to their employees, making them feel appreciated and valued.

Since deploying Whistle Payments, Mauhaus Cafe has seen a significant improvement in employee morale, productivity, and retention rates. The employees feel appreciated and valued, and they are more likely to stay with the company long-term. Additionally, the cafe has been able to attract new talent by promoting their innovative payment system as a unique benefit of working for the company.

Case Study #3

Whistle culture budgets

At Whistle, we use our own products because we know they work! We provide each employee with a “culture budget” that they can spend on initiatives that would improve the workplace, democratizing culture spending and increasing inclusion and belonging. The initiative fostered a sense of ownership and pride among employees and helped to build a strong company culture that values collaboration and innovation. Culture budgets have played an important role in our success, improving employee retention rates and creating a more inclusive and welcoming workplace.

Team culture building with culture budgets