Getting started: Payments UI

Our payments UI makes it easy to send ad hoc payments to anyone, anywhere, instantly. You can create an account and get started as soon as today!

Easy to use UI for sending payments

It’s as easy as it looks

Try it out!

Send yourself or a co-worker a text payment in our sandbox UI. See first hand how easy it is to both send and receive a payment through Whistle.

  • Create an account

  • Add a new budget

  • Fund budget with ACH or Credit Card

  • Send payments!

Easy to get setup and going.

You can create your own account and be sending payments same day! All you need is a funded budget and you can start sending payments out using our Payment Wizard.

Funding a budget is easy, and can be done with ACH or CC. For larger amounts, you can contact us to process a wire transfer directly to your account.