Through full-service, industry-specific HR solutions, TriNet enables small and medium-sized businesses to focus on growing their business while effectively managing their people and operations. When Whistle is integrated with TriNet, we streamline the process of user onboarding and offboarding through automation while seamlessly synchronizing workforce data across platforms.

TriNet’s Services

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Industry Expertise

TriNet specializes in serving specific industries, including technology, consulting, life sciences, education, and more. With TriNet, you can outsource your HR to industry experts!

Our Integration with TriNet

Our integration establishes a secure connection between Whistle Payments and TriNet, catalyzing the seamless transfer of workforce and payroll data. This allows for the automatic and intelligent synchronization of your workforce data. Whistle controls the smooth onboarding and offboarding of your users and guarantees that changes to your people data are accurately reflected within our platform.

How Does Integration Work?

Whistle uses a powerful API that works as a bridge, allowing us to simply sync with TriNet. With our advanced security, you are able to authenticate with TriNet and generate a data-link that you can close at any time from within the Whistle platform.