Sequoia One

Sequoia One helps high-tech businesses grow by offering outsourced HR and payroll designed for innovative and expanding companies. With the integration of Sequoia One and Whistle, we streamline user onboarding and offboarding while synchronizing workforce data seamlessly across platforms.

Sequoia One’s Services

Benefits & 401(k)

Payroll & Taxes

HR Administration

Risk Management


Modern Technology & Tools

Our Integration with Sequoia One

Whistle Payments and Sequoia One seamlessly integrate through an authorized and secure connection that enables the transfer of workforce and payroll information. This integration allows for the efficient synchronization of workforce data behind the scenes. Whistle will take care of user onboarding and offboarding and ensure the accurate representation of any personnel data changes within our platform.

How Does Integration Work?

Whistle uses a powerful API that works as a channel, allowing us to sync with Sequoia One. We also utilize enterprise-grade security to enable a secure authentication process with Sequoia One and establish a data-link that you can close at any time from within the Whistle platform.