Paycom’s employee-centric, user-friendly, and scalable platform helps organizations of all sizes and industries streamline their operations and empower their workforce. By integrating Paycom with Whistle, we are able to take charge of synchronizing workforce data across platforms and automating user onboarding and offboarding.

Paycom’s Solutions

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management


HR Management

Time & Labor Management

Our Integration with Paycom

By establishing a secure connection between Whistle Payments and Paycom, the two platforms are able to integrate seamlessly. This integration enables the effortless transfer of workforce and payroll data. With our automated and intelligent syncing capabilities, your workforce data is updated behind the scenes. Whistle takes care of user onboarding and offboarding and guarantees that any changes to your people data are represented accurately within our platform.

How Does Integration Work?

Our powerful API serves as a bridge that facilitates seamless synchronization with Paycom. Our advanced security measures ensure a secure authentication process with Paycom and generate a protected data-link that can be easily closed within the Whistle platform at any time.