Insperity offers a range of services to support small and midsize businesses in managing their evolving workforce effectively. By integrating Insperity with Whistle, we can automate user onboarding and offboarding and sync workforce data across platforms.

Insperity’s Full-Service HR Solution

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Our Integration with Insperity

When integrating Insperity with Whistle, a secure connection is established between the two systems, enabling the seamless transfer of workforce and payroll data. This integration empowers Whistle to autonomously synchronize your workforce data behind the scenes. Whistle will effortlessly handle user onboarding and offboarding and ensure that any updates to your people data are accurately reflected within our platform.

How Does Integration Work?

By employing a robust API that acts as a bridge, Whistle enables synchronization with Insperity. Our top-tier security allows you to authenticate with Insperity and create a secure data-link that can be closed whenever needed from within the Whistle platform.