Humaans simplifies HR processes, enhances employee experience, and enables efficient collaboration across organizations through its user-friendly interface, employee-centric approach, and scalability. When integrated with Humaans, Whistle can automate the onboarding and offboarding of users and sync workforce data across platforms.

Humaans’ Core HR Solutions

Employee Database


Absence Tracking

Workflow Builder

Data & Analytics with Humaans

Humaans not only provides data and analytics capabilities to help organizations gain insights into their workforce and make data-driven HR decisions, but it also uniquely offers Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion tracking.

Our Integration with Humaans

Our integration works by establishing a secure connection between Humaans and Whistle Payments. This connection enables the effortless transfer of workforce and payroll data, allowing Whistle to automatically sync your workforce data without disruption. We also leverage our advanced automation capabilities to handle user onboarding and offboarding and any updates to employee data.

How Does Integration Work?

When integrating Humaans and Whistle Payments, our powerful API acts as a channel between systems, allowing for seamless data synchronization between Humaans and Whistle Payments. With our enterprise-grade security measures, you can securely authenticate with Humaans and establish a protected data-link that can be managed within the Whistle platform at any time.