Gusto is a leading all-in-one HR platform that specializes in payroll and benefits administration and empowers organizations to streamline their HR processes and enhance employee experience. Whistle is able to sync workforce data across platforms and automate user onboarding and offboarding when integrated with Gusto.

Gusto’s Full-Service Payroll

Automatic Tax Calculations & Filings

Unlimited Payroll Runs

Time Tracking Synced with Payroll

Direct Deposits

Employee Benefits with Gusto

With Gusto, your organization can offer affordable health and financial benefits.


  • Medical, dental, life, & vision insurance
  • Trusted benefits advisors
  • HSA & FSA
  • Regulations & deadlines guidance


  • 401(k) retirement savings
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Gusto Wallet employee finance tools
  • 529 college savings

Our Integration with Gusto

With the Whistle Payments integration, a secure connection is established between Gusto and Whistle Payments, enabling the seamless transfer of workforce and payroll data. This integration empowers Whistle to automatically sync and intelligently manage your workforce data. Whistle will not only effortlessly handle user onboarding and offboarding, but we will also ensure that any updates to your employee information are reflected accurately within our platform.

How Does Integration Work?

When integrating Gusto with Whistle Payments, a seamless connection is established through our powerful API. This bridge enables smooth synchronization between the two platforms, ensuring the secure transfer of data. Whistle leverages enterprise-grade security measures, allowing you to authenticate with Gusto and establish a secure data-link that you have full control over from within the Whistle platform.