Bob’s excellence in core HR solutions, customizability, culture tools, intuitive UI, and integrations with top third-party tools make it a great HRIS for dynamic and rapidly expanding organizations. By integrating Bob with Whistle, we can automatically onboard and offboard users and sync employee data across platforms.

Bob’s Core HR Solutions

Social Media-Like Company Homepage

People Directory & Org Chart

Automated Workflows


Docs Management

People Analytics

Our Integration with Bob

When connecting with Bob, our integration creates a secure connection between Whistle Payments and Bob. This connection enables the seamless transfer of workforce and payroll data, allowing Whistle to automatically and intelligently synchronize your data behind the scenes. With this integration, Whistle effortlessly handles user onboarding and offboarding and ensures that any changes to your people data are accurately reflected within our platform.

How Does Integration Work?

When integrating Whistle Payments with Bob, our robust API acts as a bridge that connects Whistle with Bob. This integration enables seamless data synchronization between the two platforms. We also prioritize security by utilizing enterprise-grade measures to authenticate with Bob and establish a secure data-link that you have full control over from within the Whistle platform.